-An OMB Valves Spa joint venture company, exclusive representative office for Control Seal B.V


Founder: Elling Helvig

Elling Helvig was born and raised in a family that has been involved on the Norwegian shelf since day one. His father sailed the 7 seas as Chief Engineer in his early days and went ashore when his daughter was born in 69. He quickly thereafter established strong agencies for both general industries and offshore markets. In 1992 a spin off company was established with the focus on oil & gas driven business. The same year Elling Helvig joined a valve trainee program with American valve makers

 After two years of successful product training Elling Helvig took the role as sales engineer with the main focus on high integrity valve products. A new momentum in the market took place with several great achievements.

 The company grew rapidly with product and office expansions in the late 90’s. Business was brisk and successful until 2006 when the Americans decided to change their infrastructure in Norway. From this moment Elling Helvig has been working with privately owned valve makers throughout Europe.

With passion for valve business HELINOR Valves will bring you closer to the finest valve makers. It’s the people that make the difference.